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Margaret Miller is now tracking Birdies, Chip-Ins and the 2-Club.

Barry Allison is tracking Par Cards like last year.

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Membership Renewal begins November 1st via the SCGA website.  Dues are still $75 ($36 SCGA GHIN and $39 Club dues).  Members can optionally sign up to join the Hole-In-One program.  SCGA will email current members starting November 1.  Subsequent reminder emails will be sent December 1, December 24 and December 30.

Hole-In-One Program:

​A new Hole-In-One Fund begins this season.  You may opt in by adding $10 to your membership renewal for 2023/24, and once you are in, you will remain in for the entire season, which will run from our first play day in November through Appreciation Day at the end of March.   

​ALL players who achieve a Hole in One on a qualified SHWGC Play Day during the 2023/24 season will split the total funds on Appreciation Day.  If no Hole-in-One occurs, the funds will roll over to the next season. 

2024 Officers

President Susan Moss

Vice President  ?

Secretary  Karen Maynes

Treasurer  Kathy Graham

Handicap  Lynn Heftler

Membership  Linda Aasen

Tournament I  Goldie Kane

Tournament II  Peggy Bradish

Rules  Chris Cauvet

Holiday Luncheon @ Heritage Palms
December 11th 11:30 - 2:00

Our Club is now able to use Zelle® as an additional way to sign up and pay for events such as luncheons. Please check to see if your bank offers Zelle® as a bill payment method.


Shadow Hills Women’s Golf Club’s recipient's email is: 

Your payment by check in the Club’s Montecito mailbox or received via Zelle® is your registration for the event.

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