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Standing Rules


1. Any woman resident may join the club.

2. Annual membership dues are established by the Board of Directors. Dues are payable between November 1st and December 31st.. Members will receive an e-mail from the Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) inviting you to renew your membership via the SCGA website:

3. The club fiscal year is January 1st through December 31st.

4. The club event season is November 1st through May 31st.

5. New members joining after March 1st will pay full SCGA dues and half SHWGC dues to cover the remainder of the club year.



1. Upon joining SHWGC and SCGA, a new member WITH an existing Golf Handicap Index Number (GHIN) number and an established, verifiable handicap may play and compete in the scheduled weekly games and guest days.

2. A new member without a GHIN will obtain a GHIN from the Handicap Chair. If she has a verifiable handicap she may compete in the weekly games and guest days at the discretion of the Handicap Chair. A new member without a verifiable handicap may play on Play Day following the field until such time as she has a verifiable handicap.

3. Maximum course handicap for all SHWGC events will be 40.

4. Gold and Silver tees will be used. Members must declare their regular tee at the beginning of the season but can request a different tee any week by e-mailing the Tournament I Chair.



SHWGC will adhere to Shadow Hills Golf Club dress code policy.


1. Wednesday is play day.

2. Play shall be from the Gold and Silver Tees.

3. Members will receive an e-mail from Golf Genius two weeks before the play day. Members can select either ‘Playing’ or ‘Not Playing’. Alternatively, members may sign up online at

4. Members must sign up or cancel their sign up by 6:00 p.m. Sunday prior to play day. Sign-ups for Special Events will be determined by the event chair.

5. Members must contact the Tournament I Chair and the Pro Shop to make any changes to their sign up after the Sunday deadline.

6. Members must register at the sign-in table, which closes 30 minutes prior to start time, for shotgun events.

7. Golf Genius electronic scoring is used on play days. At least one member in each foursome must still use a paper scorecard so Golf Genius information can be confirmed, hole by hole.

8. Awards will be Pro Shop credits as approved by the Tournament I Chair and Board of Directors.

9. For the purpose of posting scores, players must play with another member.

10. Play day is reserved for members. Non-members may not play on play day.

11. “Follow the field” will be limited to members in multi-day events at the discretion of the Tournament I Chair.



1. Friday is a casual game day for members and, if space is available, female guests are allowed.

2. Members will receive an e-mail from Golf Genius one week before the play day. Members can select either ‘Playing’ or ‘Not Playing’. Alternatively, members may sign up online at

3. Members must sign up or cancel their sign up by 12:00 p.m. Tuesday prior to play day.

4. Members must contact the Tournament I Chair and the Pro Shop to make any changes to their sign up after the Tuesday deadline.

5. Members will post their own scores on Fridays.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP-lowest gross & lowest net

Lowest net (previously Princess) is included in the Club Championship

1. This shall be a 2-DAY LOW GROSS (Gold Tees) and LOW NET (Gold or Silver Tees) event.

2. Gold and Silver tees flights are determined by the number of participants and by the Tournament Committee. It is recommended that each flight have no more than a five-stroke differential.

3. A player must post 20 games (at any golf course) in the twelve months prior to the tournament. 6 of these games must be played on the SHWGC play days.

4. The number of player awards may vary between flights depending on the number of players per flight. A sign up and tournament information sheet shall be posted and will include the following: a) eligibility b) qualifying dates, if any c) entry fee d) award distribution e) cancellation policy.

5. Ties for the Championship will be broken by sudden-death playoff beginning on hole # 18. Other ties will be determined by Rules of Golf recommended card-off.

6. First day's pairings will be by handicap. Subsequent days will be by previous round's scores.

7. Silver tee players will be included as a flight but will not be eligible to compete for the overall Low Gross Club Champion.


1. This shall be a gross and net tournament.

2. A maximum 10-point spread shall apply between partner’s handicaps. When the spread is greater than 10, the higher handicap shall be reduced.

3. Partners must play from the same tee box.



1. All players must have verifiable handicaps.

2. A maximum 10-point spread shall apply between partner’s handicaps. When there is more than a 10-point spread, the higher handicap shall be reduced.

3. A guest is a not a member of SHWGC.

4. Partners or foursomes must play from the same tee box.

5. At least one-month prior, Guest Day Chair shall post the sign-up sheet with tournament description and cancellation policy.


Match play, better ball, net format between 2 members of SHWGC and 2 members of Shadow Hills Men’s Golf Club.


Members must purchase Hole-in-One insurance to be eligible to claim the Hole-in-One prize. Members can only opt-in by adding $10 to their SCGA membership renewal. All members with insurance who make a qualifying hole-in-one will split the total funds. All members with Hole-In-Ones will be recognized the following January and their names will be added to the SHWGC website. If no Hole-In-Ones occur during the season, the funds will roll over to the next season. The following conditions must be met for a qualifying Hole-in-One:

1. The Hole-in-One must be made at Shadow Hills Golf Club on the South Course.

2. The Hole-in-One must be made during the club fiscal year (excluding June through October) during a Wednesday play day.

3. The Hole-in-One must be attested by another SHWGC member who witnessed the Hole-in-One.



A new member will be introduced to an established member, “Big Sister”, who will welcome and guide her through her first-year experience with the club.


A qualified member with the greatest percentage of handicap index reduction for the month will be recognized and receive an award at the next General Meeting. A returning member must have played at least 5 rounds, on regular club play days, during the previous club year. New members must have completed two months of play, with at least 3 rounds played on regular Club play days.



Members are assigned a ‘Par Card’ to track any par or better on all 18 holes achieved on a Wednesday play day from either the Gold or Silver tees. There is no time limit for this play day challenge. All ‘Par Card’ scores shall be witnessed and attested by another playing member and the ‘Par Card’ should be placed in the front of the ‘Par Card’ box when a par is added to the card. The ‘Par Card’ box is available in the SHWGC drawer in the Pro Shop. Members can start their ‘Par Card’ once they have parred any hole. A bag tag will be awarded upon completion.


Members will receive $1 pro shop credit for each Birdie, Eagle and Chip In played from either the Gold or Silver tees on a Wednesday play day. Members need to email the “Birdies, Chip Ins & 2-Club” Committee Director (see page 5) to record the Birdie, Eagle or Chip In. The pro shop credit is added to the member’s account once a year. The members with the most Birdies, Eagles and Chip Ins will be recognized at the end of the club year. 2-CLUB (Nationally recognized)

1. A player who wishes to become a “2 club” member must score a TWO on any hole; a Par 3, Par 4, or Par 5 hole, and pay a one-time initiation fee of $1 to each “2 club” member in the same foursome, to join the club. The new member may then obtain a "2 Club" pin by emailing the ‘‘Birdies, Chip Ins & 2- Club” Committee Director (see page 5).

2. Once a "2 Club" member, the player will then receive $1 from the other "2 Club" members playing in the same foursome whenever that player scores a two.

3. “2 Club" members must be wearing, displaying, or have in their possession the official "2 Club" pin during the golf round to receive $1 from the other members.

4. All new "2 Club" members are eligible to induct other players into the club.

Shadow Hills Golf Club - Local Rules

Local Rule adopted 2018, 2020 local rule, Rule 16.1 "SHWGC has adopted a local rule which entitles you to free relief when putting from off the green if a sprinkler head is located within two club-lengths of the edge of the putting green and within two club-lengths of your ball and in your line of play. The ball must be dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief.”


USGA and R&A Rules of Golf

SHWGC follows all USGA and R&A Rules of Golf. Members can find these rules on the USGA website: and the R&A website:

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